What Exactly is a Legitimate Home Based Business and How Can You Find One?

What exactly is a legitimate home based business?If you want to be your won boss and work from home, then chances are that you want to work on a business that is legitimate, secure, rewarding and profitable. Yet there is a very common mistrust or scepticism about home based businesses.Very often the scepticism and fear stems from people who either do not believe that it is possible to work from home or who are so ingrained with the tradition commute to work, stay all day, commute from work culture, that anything out side of this must be a scam.We are in the 2nd decade of the 21st century. The way that people live and work has changed. It will change even more in the next 10 years and chances are that new jobs and careers will number in their thousands.So what is a legitimate home based business.Obviously the key word here is legitimate. We define a business as “a commercial, profitable, enterprise that works without being dependent on one person” Therefore many of the home based business models fail in this concept because they are generally dependent one person. WrongWhat many home based business owners have used to run their business are online systems and in many cases, the business is working while the owner is sleeping and that’s hugely important.To legitimise the business then, lets agree on the following:
A product or service is bought or sold.
The product has a value to the person buying it.
There is a customer service guarantee that allows the customer to change their mind – In most cases online, there is a 30 day and sometimes up to a year guarantee on satisfaction. This is something that you do not get on the hig street.
There is an option to speak directly to the customer either by phone or email.
Payments are made legally and appear legally on credit card statement.
The vendor makes a profit from making the product available though websites
OK, the product or service may be a download, an ebook, a video, a training course – so what. If the customer is willing to buy and has the assurance of a 30 day satisfaction guarantee – then this is a legitimate business.What gave the industry a bad name was false income claims, get rich quick for no work schemes, instant untold wealth. Yes these schemes exist as they do in the real world but the vast majority of online businesses are legitimate.We recommend full disclosure at all times, full access to all the leaders in the business, tangible product lines, very clear payment systems, no hidden costs. You must also be delighted to explain or introduce the concept to your own grandmother and be proud of it. If not – re-consider.

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